June 2, 2020 – Board Meeting Minutes

Board members present were Lions: Bill H., Dean D., Cora Mae, Jerry, Angela, Al, Angelo, John N. and non board member Jackie.

King Lion Angelo called the meeting to order in the social room of the BCBA at 7:00.

Correspondence: A thank you letter from Habitat for Humanity for our $150 was received.
A thank you letter was received from Leader Dogs for our donation of $200.

King Lion asked Lion John where he would like the installation dinner. Thought he would like Shakespeare’s.
Lion Cora moved and Lion Angela seconded Shakespeare’s Restaurant after some discussion. Motion carried.
Al will check if it is open by June 23. District Gov. Chip Campbell will induct the officers.

Lion Jackie stated that there is someplace to eat in BF everyday of the week. Tab. Baptist Churches passing out a food box at McElwain’s in BF every Fri from 11:00 to 3:00.

Lion Jon N. moved and Lion Jerry seconded that we send $200 to the YMCA for their lunches. Motion carried.

Lion Jerry moved and Lion John N. seconded adjournament at 7:39. MOTION CARRIED.

Submitted by Lion Sec. Al